olive Mobile App

olive was awarded the Cisco Scholarship for Innovation Award.

olive (all lowercase) is a take-out app for dining in, a service application aimed at redefining the current sit-down dining experience by improving the speed, efficiency, and overall experience in restaurants that want to stand out from their competition. In a market where apps are targeting takeout, olive aims to bring the same convenience to today’s “need it now” consumers’ dining experience.


Personal Project


UX Researcher
Front End Developer


Mobile App


Adobe XD
React Native


Russell Tia as UI Designer
Vera Butrimova as Art Director
Zachary Dods as Full Stack Developer



The major problems that are currently existent with the sit-down dining experience stem from lack of time and patience

The sit-down dining experience in restaurants has remained practically the same over the last decade. We currently live in a "culture of impatience and instant gratification." People have become accustomed to waiting to be seated, waiting to be served, waiting for their food to arrive, waiting to pay for their bill. People are becoming more tech-savvy and are used to the instant gratification that apps like Uber and SkipTheDishes currently provide. They are bringing the same expectations into their dining experiences and no longer have the patience for traditional approaches.


Streamline the sit-down dining experience from start to finish, and usher in a tech-savvy way of connecting people to food

Our primary goal is to remove a number of inefficiencies currently happening in the sit-down dining experience. We want to revive the restaurant experience back to its roots with the use of modern technology. We ultimately want to give users complete control over their dining experience.

Survey Question: What do you like about service apps?

“Convenience, mostly because I hate waiting."


Users stated their main reason for using service apps is for convenience and
time-saving purposes

To get a deeper insight into the minds and actions of casual diners, our team conducted a research survey, and our findings have only proven our previous hypotheses. We discovered that out of the 120 people surveyed, 86% have already used technology to order food (either at the restaurant or from their phones) and over 70% use service apps regularly. These individuals enjoy the convenience and efficiency that using technology provides. They appreciate the fact that they can keep track of what they have ordered and the freedom it gives them to adjust their orders in the case of dietary restrictions. Another interesting finding was the fact that only 5% of those surveyed used cash to pay for their orders.


We created two personas based on the initial research. The personas represent users’ goals and pain points that helped us to prioritize different the user needs through our design process and ultimately to the synthesis of our solution.

Note: The designs below were created by Vera Butrimova

A take-out app for dining in

olive will cover three major components of the sit-down experience: reserving a table, ordering food, and paying for the meal. By integrating olive into each aspect of the dining experience, users can solve inefficiencies of traditional restaurant service, and optimize their time. olive will be targetted towards people who have already adopted technology into their daily lives and restaurants that want to use modern technology to provide customers with a better dining experience. For the restaurant side, this allows for a much higher table turnaround. Diners can spend more time enjoying each others company and less time waiting. No longer will waiting for the bill, feeling awkward for opting out of cheese or forgetting your wallet at home be a problem.

User Tests

Upon analyzing the survey results and narrowing down on the primary needs of the user, we created prototypes. The prototypes covered the main three features of the app: reserve a table, ordering food, and paying the bill. We then took our prototype and asked users that fit into our target market to test our prototype. As an incentive, we gave out branded olive jars!

Findings from User Testing

  • Show upcoming reservations on the main screen
  • Show updates of the user's order status
  • Allow users to add friends when creating a reservation
  • Change the locations of the "reserve a table" button
  • After the third round of user testing, all issues were solved

Feedback from Users

  • Users said they wished an app like this already existed
  • Users found the app to be intuitive and easy to use
  • Users said they would go out to each more if olive existed
  • Users said this would be especially useful during quick lunches
Final Design