About Me

Hi again! I’m Ariana, which you probably already know by now. I can write a whole paragraph here about how I know tools such as Sketch, Flinto, the Adobe Suite including Adobe XD, InVision, Framer, as well as essential UX skills such user research, user testing, journey mapping, storyboarding, wireframing, prototyping. I may also talk about how I know HTML, CSS, Javascript, ReactJS, React Native. But, you probably already know that too through looking at my projects. You can also download my resume (which you can find at the bottom of this page) to learn more about my skills and experience.

Instead, I’d rather tell you more about who I am as a person! According to my mom, I’m probably the most talkative person you’ll ever meet (especially in the morning). I just love talking to people about anything and everything. I’m also a very curious person, who loves learning new things in all sorts of disciplines. I thought a good way of getting to know me better is by giving you a list of my top 10 favourite and top 10 not-so-favourite things! So here it is:

Top 10 Favourite Things

(in order)

  1. My mom (she's the best)
  2. Dogs (I do like cats too)
  3. Eggs (scrambled, fried, hard boiled, poached, I don't discriminate)
  4. Sushi
  5. Jeeps (preferably without doors)
  6. Travelling
  7. Adventures (skydiving, rock climbing, hiking, scuba diving, you name it)
  8. Coffee (black, no sugar)
  9. DIY Projects (I love building things)
  10. Being barefoot (weird, I know)

Top 10 Not-So-Favourite Things

(in no particular order)

  1. Onions
  2. The cold
  3. Silverfish bug (don't google them, they're disgusting.)
  4. Animal cruelty
  5. Injustice
  6. Winter (I just hate feeling cold)
  7. Dirty Beaches
  8. Pomegranates (so sour)
  9. Politics
  10. Coming up with "Not-So-Favourites" lists